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Cheap Flights Club FAQs

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How do you find these cheap flight offers and deals?
Our team of travel & flight deal experts spend most of their days speaking to our huge range of contacts at leading airline operators and tour operators.  They negotiate deals, ask for exclusive offers and do the hard work for you. We make sure we only send you exclusive breaks and offers that will save you money for top trending flight routes. We are in the know in aviation and travel and all our members benefit from our large buying power.

What destinations do you cover?
We focus on popular routes across the globe, from European short haul city airports, to long haul destinations. If you need regular flights to Amsterdam, or the trip of a lifetime to Hawaii. We send you daily flight deals for all routes and to help you reach every place you have ever wished to visit. We also ensure that flight deals for popular routes are constantly found and sent by our team of flight deal experts, perfect for quick short break or visiting family and friends.

How many members are there?
Our company is proud to provide over 10000+ members with deals across our travel group. Growing every month, you are in good company and one of the largest and most exclusive flight & travel members clubs in the world. 

How much will I save?
Each offer is different but usually you will save anything from 99% off, not bad!  The average saving per flight is £200 per member, but this can vary for short and long haul.

Why is there a small membership fee for joining?
Airlines don’t allow us to show their fares to just anyone? Just to our members, but as they are the lowest fares, we don’t earn a penny for any bookings made. You pay the airline for the best rates in town. As a result to allow our team to operate we charge a small fee for every flight, but we ensure we give you so many benefits and savings that you save far more than your membership every time. Don’t forget our members typically save £200 per return flight. Effectively if you use our service even once, you will easily get your membership back and more

How do I access the cheap flights club deals?
Simple, you can access the discounts by joining today, along with thousands of travel members in the club. Once joined you will start saving straight away with all flight deals emailed to you by way of alerts and updates.

Are all these deals last minute?
Nope! Most deals we find are 3-10 months away. This leaves you with enough time to make arrangements with your commitments before travelling, rather than having to pack at the very last minute and panic.

How do I cancel my membership?
Though our members are very happy and we have great reviews, we understand that on occasion our service may no longer be needed. If you want to cancel your membership at any time please email your instructions to cancel to the email and we will be happy to help you, even though we will be sad to see you go. Please just be aware if you cancel we unfortunately will not be able to send you any further savings as the airlines.

Who am I booking my flights with?
Cheap Flights Club will book with the airlines we promote, we only help find you the deals. So you are safe in the knowledge you are booking with the worlds leading airlines. When you make your first booking. Please still ensure you take the usual precautions of either having insurance or book with a credit card for financial protection.

Can I trust the operators you recommend?
Yes of course, we promote well known household airlines in each market. Some airlines you may not have heard of, but all will be genuinely good carriers. We only help you find the offers, you don’t book with us. If you book any of these secret flight deals with your airline of choice please ensure you take out the usual insurances or book with a credit card.

How many emails should I expect?
This really depends on how many great deals we come across, as we only like sending the very best. On average you will receive 5 emails a week.

What makes you better than other deal sites?
We only send out the very best deals we can find. These deals are for flights that are 99% off or more!

How do you find such cheap flights? My team and I spend hours searching for cheap flights on websites such as google flights, momondo and kayak travel agents everyday. We continuously monitor flights to destinations all over the world, watching for massive price drops or mistake fares. Whenever we find an amazing deal we send them out to our loyal subscribers.

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London - Hong Kong

£295 Return

London - Delhi

£250 Return

Manchester - Islamabad

£250 Return

London - New York

£199 Return

London - Dubai

£165 Return

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